IT Managed

Defend against loss of productivity, business downtime and high consulting fees by allowing our IT experts to proactively monitor and provide preventive maintenance to detect and eliminate computer problems before they occur.

Kelly It Services Inc. provides affordable, high-quality service by using a combination of remote IT management tools, end-user help desk support, and local onsite experts. Stop wasting valuable time and money struggling to keep your PCs, servers, email, and network services up and running. Discover how our powerful and flexible managed services deliver the reliability and performance you need to manage your computing environment at a predictable, fixed monthly rate.

By proactively maintaining your system, our technology specialists are able to pinpoint issues before they surface, preventing your company from expensive downtime and other complications. As your business grows, we will help to ensure you have the right resources in place to sustain its development.


The current digital world is mostly based on computer services, especially in business. Technological advancements have led to the improvement in the services related to information technology. Here at Kelly It Services our IT Services revolve around computer storage facility, connectivity, bandwidth, networking, security, disaster recovery, data manipulation, and a tech support help desk among others. Computer management, therefore, requires a company that has the proper skills and will perfect each and every aspect. If you ever had doubts about your IT infrastructure or not sure why you have IT conflicts periodically at your business, it is time to get a consultation with a professional Managed IT Services . Kelly It Services can advise you on the best solution for your business at the most competitive price.

Remote Monitoring
and Management

Kelly It Services Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) ensures that your IT environment is working at its full potential and can run uninterrupted. The key difference between us and a “Break-fix” IT provider is monitoring your systems 24×7 and taking actions before any problem arises. This protects your business from minor threats as we monitor processes like operating systems, security updates, antivirus, and system tuning. Our RMM software runs multiple system checks every day. It becomes our job to monitor, manage, and secure your IT infrastructure so you can focus on your business. With more businesses choosing Managed IT Services providers over traditional services, you first need to understand what exactly is a Managed IT service provider and why you should choose Kelly It Services.

To understand the concept of Managed IT services, we first need to look at where it all started. Imagine the time when Managed IT Services was only available to the Fortune 500 Companies; whenever a SME faced a technical issue, they called their local IT guy or they already have an in house technician who did not have the adequate skills to maintain the entire IT infrastructure. As a business, every second counts and a system breakdown could start costing you by the seconds.

Cloud Data

Data loss may occur anytime and it can be crippling to your business. Kelly It Services Cloud Backup Data Solutions protects all of your data from your computers and servers and stores it on the cloud securely. If you ever lose your data, you can restore all your files easily from backup. While there are multiple mediums for backing up your data, cloud backup is easy, convenient, inexpensive, and storage unlimited. All your data can be scheduled for automatic backup from time to time, so it can work in the shadows and never interfere with your work.

It is truly unpleasant, but most businesses understand the importance of Cloud Backup Data Solutions the hard way. A recent statistic shows that 80% of businesses started backing up their data to the cloud after they have experienced data loss. Nowadays losing your business data can be devastating and can even escalate to bankruptcy. Data loss from human error and natural disasters are something that no one can predict and the threats of Cybercrime and Ransom-ware are just as hostile. The best option for any business to completely secure their business data is using Cloud Data Backup Solutions.

In this modern age, you must calculate the value of your business data and how much it can hurt you if a data loss occurs. The threat is so extensive that there are businesses who are required by law to implement Cloud Data Backup Solutions into their IT infrastructure.